Dear RMS Family members,

Family and Community Engagement (FACE) is a means to achieving the PTSA’s goal of advancing the education, health, and well-being of our children.

THE RMS PTSA strives to do this through the following approaches:

  1. Parent Education – Talks, Discussions, and Seminars will be held during the year so that parents can learn about topics related to their students’ success, safety and wellbeing.

Parents attending Griz Biz have voted on the topics that are interesting or matter most.

Results of the voting:

  1. Personal safety and/or bullying 102
  2. Internet safety 98
  3. Career/college readiness 79
  4. School success 65
  5. Student anxiety 61
  6. Advocating for my student 35

We will take this data into consideration as we choose our Parent Education subjects and speakers

  1. Special Needs Awareness – The Special Needs liaison representing RMS PTSA will organize event(s) and be accessible to all parents who wish to learn about available resources related to Special Needs and/or network with others.
  1. Cultural Exchange – International Night will be organized during spring 2019 where all members can experience the cultural variety and diversity of our school community.
  1. Family Nights – These provide an opportunity for RMS members to connect with other families and local community services.
  1. Community Support – This endeavor helps support families at the school by working with outreach programs like the Pantry Packs program.
  1. Student Engagement – Career Expo will be conducted again this year to enable students to interact with experts from various fields and become aware of possible careers and futures.

FACE aims to be a link between your board and you, surveying the communities’ needs & interests, and coordinating efforts to make everyone in the community feel more engaged; Looking forward to putting our best FACE forward in 2018-19.

Your truly,

Swarnima Aswinkumar