Welcome to the 2018-19 school year in Lake Washington School District! We look forward to welcoming your child(ren) back to school this fall. Here are a few important reminders/processes for the start of the school year:

Changes to school start/end times for 2018-19:

School start and end times will change for the 2018-19 school year as a seven-period day is implemented for high school students. We acknowledge any change has an impact to families’ current schedules.

This change takes effect starting on the first day of school, Tuesday, September 4, 2018. Read more about the changes to school start/end times and see your school’s schedule here.

Why are start and dismissal times changing?

Starting with the Class of 2019, students are required to graduate with 24 credits. In 2015, a Task Force of staff and parents convened to study, analyze and make recommendations to expand options for students to meet the 24 credits required by the state for graduation. In April 2017, the Task Force recommended adding time to the end of the high school student day to provide a 7-period day.

Adding time to the high school day results in needed adjustments to the start and dismissal times of elementary and middle schools due to our tiered transportation system (the same buses transport students at the high school, middle school and elementary level).

Why is a 7-period day needed and how does it benefit students?

A 7-period day restores opportunities for our students that they used to have. Over the past several years, the elective opportunities and opportunities for additional exploration, acceleration and remediation have declined for high school students. This is due to the increase in the state graduation requirements.

Specifically, in a 6-period day,

  • The Class of 2015 could take 6 electives, plus they had two additional spaces in their schedules for additional exploration, acceleration or remediation -  8 total opportunities.
  • The Classes of 2016-18 could take 4 electives, plus they had two additional spaces in their schedules for additional exploration, acceleration or remediation -  6 total opportunities.
  • The Class of 2019 and beyond can take 4 electives, but they have 0 additional spaces in their schedules for additional exploration, acceleration or remediation -  4 total opportunities.

By implementing a 7-period day, we bring back opportunities for our high school students that previous graduating classes used to have.

Verify your contact/emergency information online:

You can verify your contact and emergency information online any time before September 17, 2018. Log in to Skyward Family Access, and verify your contact/emergency information. You can review an FAQ document about the Online Student Information Verification Process here. All changes to contact and emergency information need to be made by September 17, 2018.

Contact parentquestions@lwsd.org with any questions about the Online Student Information Verification Process.

Thank you in advance for helping us to ensure our student data is as accurate as possible.

LWSD partnership with King County Library System (KCLS) to provide students with online access

To increase student access to KCLS’s online resources, LWSD participates in the KCLS Partnership Program. This partnership creates special library accounts for all students in our district. These special online accounts allow students to seamlessly log in from school, home or from any computer or device to access KCLS resources. The special student accounts:

  • Are easy for students to remember. The account number will utilize each student’s school ID number preceded by the School District number (414).
  • Give each student seamless access. Students will be able to use the array of databases, downloadable materials (through Overdrive) and online homework help services offered by KCLS without needing a physical card.
  • Do not accrue fines or fees. Since students will only be able to access electronic materials it won’t be necessary for students to track due dates.

Secondary students in the LWSD have participated in the program since February 2017. This year, the program will be made available for both secondary and elementary students. If your student already has a traditional KCLS library card, they will continue to be able to use it to checkout materials from the public library and use in-library computers. The arrangement between LWSD and KCLS supplements the traditional library card and improves each student’s ability to access KCLS online research tools as part of their school work.  In October, KCLS will automatically launch the system to all students in LWSD.  Secondary students will be provided continued access each school year.

Families who do not wish for their children to be included in the program may opt out through Skyward Family Access Online Forms. Read more about this KCLS opt-out form here. This form will be open from August 15 through September 17, 2018.  If you have any trouble completing the online process, please call or visit your school’s office for assistance.