The safety and security of students is a top priority of our school and district. One of the new safety enhancements for the 2018-19 school year is the implementation of entry control systems at all schools in the district. These controls will allow schools to keep all exterior doors locked and will require all visitors to use a video call system to request access. These types of systems are similar to how visitors gain access at many apartments or condominiums that keep all entry doors locked. The district now has Entry Control System hardware installed in all schools. The goal of the system is to:

  1. Maintain control of access to the building interior, and
  2. Maintain knowledge of persons entering the building interior.

All elementary and middle schools will begin using the new entry control system in September. High Schools will begin using these systems later this fall. Here’s what to expect [when you arrive at Redmond Middle School]:

  • All exterior doors will be locked.
  • Visitors will need to use the entry control system video unit to request permission to enter the building. [There is a video "doorbell" on the brick wall to the right of the main doors.]
  • Visitors will be asked their name and the purpose of their visit. 
  • Visitors must then proceed to the office to show picture identification and sign in.

TThis will be a change for everyone in our community, yet we believe this is a crucial step towards enhancing the safety and security of our school campus. Please allow for extra time if you need to pick your child up early due to a medical appointment, or if you plan to volunteer in the classroom. 

Thank you in advance for your patience as we implement this new system. 

For more information about safety in LWSD, visit the safety webpage: