• Tomorrow, NJHS is hosting a service event for students to gain hours, after school from 2:45 to 4:45 in the Commons, where we will make the blankets for donation.


  •  RMS Track is still looking for volunteers to help with the track meet on Friday May 3rd. This is a great opportunity to get service hours if you are in NJHS. Please email Mr. Hagerman or see him at all 3 lunches if you are interested.


  • College bound papers are due ASAP. If you have a college bound paper, please turn it in right away. If you have a question or need help please see Mr. Hagerman.


  • All season 4 athletes must be passing all their classes to be eligible to participate in sports. This means you cannot have a F in any class for your semester 2 grade. If you are currently receiving a F grade in any class, you have till Friday May 3rd to raise your grade. After Friday May 3rd, any athlete with a failing grade for semester 2, will not be allowed to participate in season 4 sports until they are passing all classes.


  • Hey Grizzlies talent show auditions are this Wednesday, May 3 in room 153 during grizzly time!!


We want to thank the guest teachers who are here today, substituting in various classes.

Thank you to:


Ms. Muscott Ms. Ibsen Ms. Modi Ms. Lockwood Ms. True Ms. Gallo Ms. Johnson


Hey Grizzlies today's quote of the day is..

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” ? Vincent Van Gogh

Be Kind, Be Honest, Be Proud. Be a Grizzly