• College bound papers are due ASAP. If you have a college bound paper, please turn it in right away. If you have a question or need help please see Mr. Hagerman.


  • All season 4 athletes must be passing all their classes to be eligible to participate in sports. This means you cannot have a F in any class for your semester 2 grade. If you are currently receiving a F grade in any class, you have till Friday May 3rd to raise your grade. After Friday May 3rd, any athlete with a failing grade for semester 2, will not be allowed to participate in season 4 sports until they are passing all classes.


  • Hey Grizzlies talent show auditions are in room 153 during grizzly time!!


  • A, B, and C lunches RMS needs lunch helpers. If you are interested, please see either Mr. Mahendran or Mr. Hagerman today. We need 3 for A and 2 for B and C. This is a great opportunity to help RMS and earn treats. If you are an NJHS member this is a great way to get service time.


  • SchoolPool! Get ready for SchoolPool starting May 1st. If you haven't received your SchoolPool trackers yet, ask your 6th period teacher to pass them out! Once you get your School Pool tracking card, all you have to is mark down every time you walk, bike, bus, or carpool. At the end of the month, fill out the contact information on the back and return it. Each returned tracker earns ASB $5. Keep listening for information about a extra special prize given out to a lucky student bicyclist on May 8th, Bike to School Day!


  • Snacks for the Snuggery! At lunch, do you sometimes have food that you don't eat and end up throwing away? Don't throw it away, because now you have an alternative! If you have un-opened, non-perishable food like granola bars, apple sauce pouches, or fruit cups that you are going to throw away, donate it to the Snuggery instead. There's a brown basket on a table near the lunch line in which you can place these items to be donated to the Snuggery! Place food in, don't take any out, please. The “Snacks for the Snuggery” program helps the environment AND students in need!



We want to thank the guest teachers who are here today, substituting in various classes.

Thank you to:




Hey Grizzlies today's quote of the day is..

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.” ? Lyndon B. Johnson

Be Kind, Be Honest, Be Proud. Be a Grizzly